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Family Law


Is your client about to participate in Custody Mediation? 


Is there a ‘New Found’ significant other in the life of your client's former spouse?


What do you know about this ‘New Found’ person?

  • Is the person a Licensed Driver?
  • What is their driving record like?
  • Do they have car insurance?
  • Do they have Domestic problems from a prior relationship(s)?
  • Do they have a criminal past?
  • Do they have Drug or Alcohol problems?
  • Do they owe past child or spousal support?
  • Is this person employed?
  • Do they have children of their own from a prior relationship(s), with problems that could affect your child(ren)?

Child Support / Spousal Support Collection issues

  • Locate Bank Accounts
  • Locate Employment
  • Locate Hidden Assets
  • Service of Process of Earnings Withholding Orders
  • Bank Levys


Hidden Assets


Not that a Spouse or Former Spouse would ever hide income and/or assets from you... but we can find them when they do!





Federal Court


State Court



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